Join this talk to hear about the signicance of Ancestor Healing and how it can impact your life and those close to you.

Monday 25 February, 7pm

Thursday 21 March, 7pm

Our lives are affected by numerous factors including lifestyle, our physical environment and our emotional patterns. Another less known factor that affects people in signicant ways are the inherited energy patterns passed down through the generations. This energetic influence is what Eastern people refer to as ‘karma’.

At Jung Shim, we offer an Ancestor Healing Programme to help ancestors clear their karma. It is a profound and spiritual course, rooted in the ancient Eastern practice to respect ancestors and appreciate life.

As increasing numbers of people strive for better wellbeing through dietary changes, self-development and spiritual work, people still find they have ailments and patterns they just cannot shift. Ancestor healing can often be the change people are looking for to heal their karma and family patterns.

The talk is £10 to attend, free to members.

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