Cherry Bakewell

Try our healthy cherry bakewell tart recipe, you can eat it guilt free and there is no compromise on taste.


For the base

  • 250g ground almonds

  • 100ml maple syrup

  • 2 tablespoons buckwheat flour

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"Jung Shim has truly changed my life" - Morgan

Stress, fatigue, eczema, allergies, over active mind, poor circulation and ADHD are all things that I have suffered from throughout my entire life.


I've always been very open minded and willing to try alternative methods to help manage these ailments but nothing has had the kind of impact that I have seen from Jung Shim. 


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The Thinking Person's Meditation

What is the real purpose of meditation?

Emptying your mind of thought is not the purpose of meditation. We have to think, just not in a random and uncontrolled manner. We have to think when reflecting on ourselves because self-reflection leads to self-discovery and self-discovery leads to self-realisation.

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Understanding how seasons affect our energy (Qi)?

The mornings are lighter, the days are becoming longer and the vitality of Spring is all around us. The seasonal change is not just reflected in daylight hours, it brings with it many things; from changes to the physical world we see, to new seasonal foods to a feeling that we’re coming out of hibernation. But how else does it affect our health?
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How to handle Hay fever

Summer is finally here and we can bid farewell to cold and wet weather. But summer is not always well received, especially to those who suffer from hayfever.  The hot weather means that the pollen count is at its highest and many people will have to endure months of swollen eyes and runny noses.

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M.E and ‘Human’ Energy' (Qi) – Sue’s Story

ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) affects an estimated 250,000 people in the UK, and around 17 million people worldwide. Whilst the main cause is unknown, it often follows a viral infection, which is a sign that someone is ‘run down’, exhausted and low in ‘human’ energy, or Qi.

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