M.E. - My Story

I was a classical musician playing the viola in an orchestra with lots of concerts and travelling. I got into a negative state of mind where I could find lots to complain about and lost sight of the positives. I had aches and pains, digestive problems, felt stressed and was sleeping badly. I found it hard to stop my mind going round and round. After the virus I returned to work for a month but was unable to carry on. I was badly affected by the illness and spent a lot of time housebound though fortunately not bed bound. I couldn’t do anything regularly and suffered bad headaches and muscle pain amongst other things. I had to give up my career as a professional musician. I found this quite devastating and very hard to adjust.

My husband, David, has always been incredibly supportive. He did most of the cooking and cleaning after being at work all day and put up with my moods and my bad temper and frustration.

I discovered practices during my illness which were beneficial – qigong and meditation – but the benefits were short lived and I was scared I would be like this forever more. 


Energy Treatments

I had my first energy treatment in October 2006 at a Mind Body Spirit Show in Manchester where I live. By then I had tried everything – hypnotherapy, nutritional therapy, osteopathy, reiki, shiatsu – you name it. I went to the show because a friend wanted to go. I didn’t expect to find anything that would really help, certainly not something that was going to change my life.

That first treatment was amazing. I had begun to think that the illness was all in my mind; that it wasn’t real, but when Claudia, who treated me, told me I had tight energy blockages and I could feel them myself, it came as a relief. It hurt, but she was telling me they could do something about it. I felt slightly dazed immediately after the treatment but I found I could walk around for longer than I normally would have been able to. When I got home later I really noticed the difference. My back and shoulders which were normally very tight felt loose and relaxed. I remember thinking that this must be how normal people felt. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal. The other thing that was different was my mind. I felt calmer and peaceful.

Following her advice I went back the following day for a second treatment and again I felt great. Claudia said that they hoped to open a centre in Manchester but not to wait until it happened. She suggested coming to the centre in London and having 5 treatments over a weekend. I was very keen to find out more about it but didn’t know how I could possibly manage a trip all the way to London in my state. But in early 2007, my husband and I made the trip.

Again I was impressed by the results. I had energy! We went sightseeing and ate out - something I hadn't been able to do for a very long time.


New energy levels

In 2008, a Jung Shim centre opened in Manchester and I was well enough to help with the process. I now help out at the centre three times a week as well as doing local charity work which is testament to my new energy levels.

As a direct result of the treatments and training, I feel calmer and more confident. I’m a different, happier person, more myself and easier to live with - much to my husband's relief!

I don't believe in miracles but I do believe in energy treatments!