With around one in three adults in the UK having high blood pressure, and half of those going undiagnosed or receiving treatment, we look at the causes of high blood pressure and how we can improve lifestyle choices to reduce our risk. 


What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure or hypertension is a silent condition that rarely has any symptoms. The only way to find out if you have the condition is to have your blood pressure measured in medical check-ups. An example of healthy blood pressure is 120 over 80 (120/80) whilst 140/90 when at rest is considered high, or 180/110 is very high.


Why is high blood pressure taken so seriously?

High blood pressure puts pressure on the heart, and this can increase the risk of heart attack, heart failure, sudden cardiac death or strokes.


Causes of high blood pressure

Here we look at the causes of high blood presssure and then address how small changes to your daily life can help to reduce your risk.

1. Hereditory

High blood pressure often runs in families and if this is the case, it is important to try to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

2. Age related

It is more common in older people (as much as 40 to 50 per cent of people aged over 70 have high blood pressure).

3. Weight

Obesity increases the risk of developing high blood pressure by 6% over 4 years. Extra body fat around your middle carries the greatest risk.

4. Not enough exercise

Exercise should be part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Small changes such as walking rather than going by car everywhere or using the stairs rather than taking the lift can make a difference. 

5. A diet high in unnatural salt and unsaturated fats

The recommended salt intake is less than 6 grams a day. However processed foods like bread, breakfast cereals and pizza are high in natural salts, which require as much as 20 times more fluid for the body to process. The first thing to do is to cut processed foods from your diet and don't add unnatural salts to your meals.

6.  Regular alcohol intake

Regular heavy or binge drinking can cause substantial rises in blood pressure. If you are going on a night out, be sure to match every glass of alcohol with one glass of water.

7. Smoking

Fortunately, the number of people smoking has decreased significantly in recent years. The health risks such as lung disease and cancers are well reported, but high blood pressure can also be added to the list.

8. Type 2 diabetes

60% of people with type 2 diabetes have high blood pressure whilst 40% with type 1 diabetes have high blood pressure, so it is all the more reason to try to follow a healthy lifestyle.


Does stress impact blood pressure?

Whilst the link between stress and blood pressure is still being investigated, we do know that stress is known to contribute to the other risk factors highlighted above like a poor diet and excessive alcohol consumption. Stress can often increase our heart beat and constrict our blood vessels but this is only temporary as our blood pressure returns to its pre-stress level once the stressful situation is over. Chronic stress however causes our bodies to go into high gear on and off for days or weeks at a time.


How can Jung Shim help with healthy lifestyle choices?

1. Exercise

Jung Shim classes introduce slow movement based on strength and flexibility. They are suitable for people of all abilities, with any physical condition and as well as providing a form of exercise, they restore the smooth circulation of energy throughout the body which in turn enables toxins to be released and our internal energy battery to be recharged. 

2.  Eat well

Sugar and salt are hidden in many ready made foods. At Jung Shim, we have put together some simple but nourishing recipes that are healthy but tasty.  Our Moroccan Red Lentil and Lamb Stew is perfect for a cold winter's day, whilst our Chocco Coco energy balls are great for a sweet tooth but without the naughtiness!

3. Ancestor Healing

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in people researching their family history. It is also becoming more acceptable in the scientific community, although it is not yet fully understood, that our ancestors have contributed quite considerably to our own health and wellbeing and that of future generations. Jung Shim offer ancestor healing courses that clear inherited ancestral patterns passed down through the generations. It is a unique method using light (frequency), energy and sound (vibration). This method enables us and future generations to be freed from negative influences that may be impacting our lives.

The initial foundation course consists of five sessions, known as ceremonies, over a four week period. Each ceremony lasts an hour and a half and takes place in the Semtu, a room filled with highly charged Qi (energy). 


Jung Shim

Jung Shim means ‘beautiful mind’. At our Jung Shim Centres our aim is to help people recharge the body and clear the mind to regain our health and wellbeing.

We offer energy treatments, energy classes as well as lifestyle advice all designed to help recharge you human energy.