I found Jung Shim almost a year ago at the World Yoga Festival with my mum.  We both had a treatment and instantly felt the benefits.

Although I work in the world of theatre, I am not being dramatic when I say Jung Shim has transformed my life.  Before starting Jung Shim classes my energy was very depleted. I had worked hard and played hard all of my twenties and was suffering hugely.  Over the years I have tried a catalogue of different treatments and I had various levels of success, but the effects were never long lasting. I was constantly getting ill with various infections, I had developed food sensitivities and I generally felt exhausted most of the time.  I tried to cover this up – but underneath my cheery façade I was struggling so much. 

My first Qi class felt very different to anything I’d tried before, I enjoyed it and felt my busy mind quieten. My energy levels increased and my anxiety started to clear. Although chanting was new to me it soon felt like something I had been doing for years.  During the class I can feel my body slowly being re-energised. I tend to yawn a lot, which at first felt strange, but now I understand this is my body releasing toxins. I’ve never felt so clear, positive and at peace than after a class.

I now try and train most days, and can certainly feel the difference if I haven’t. The fact that I can also do online classes when I’m directing a show out of town; helps me to stay energised and connected despite being away from London. I have been searching for something like Jung Shim – consciously or not – for a long time and feel so grateful to have it in my life. 


Jung Shim Classes

Jung Shim classes restore the smooth circulation of energy throughout the body. The classes help open the energy system in order to restore the natural flow of Qi around the body, this in turn enables toxins to be released and our internal energy battery to be recharged.

The aim of the classes is to regain the connection to our true self by receiving Qi. It is a spiritual practice and ultimately, a journey for healing body, mind and spirit. Good health depends on the balance between our body, mind and spirit. Through Qi classes we are working on each of these, to have greater physical strength, a more positive mind and a brighter spirit.