Challenges and difficult times in life are unavoidable. Whether tragic, personal, trivial or global, how you deal with your distress, grief, anxiety and uncertainty can have a profound effect on your mental state, health and wellbeing.

There are certain things you can do to lessen the pain and distress to help you cope with your situation.


1. Accept what you can’t change

If you worry about things you can’t change, you are creating unnecessary stress. You can’t change the situation so you need to stop worrying about it. One way to do this is to look at the things you can change and focus your energy on this.


2. Writing also can offer an insight into yourself

In writing about our difficulties, and being able to cross them off as resolved, it helps to bring them to a definite end. It feels like you have addressed the issue and it so no longer a concern.


3. See how strong you can be in a tough time 

Remaining positive, no matter the situation, is how we grow. Having this mindset improves all of our circumstances.


4. Keep yourself busy

It’s normal that the more often you think about the things troubling you, the worse they get – particularly late at night. Focus on something or someone else, and you’ll give your mind and emotions a needed break. Read a book. Work on a hobby. Get out and about.


5. Get in touch with friends

In a previous blog, we’ve detailed how friendships can save lives so be sure to connect with friends in times of need. You’ll feel less alone, and it helps to chat to a sympathetic listener who can provide reassurance. Remember, you are not alone.


6. Laugh

You may not feel like it, but laughter is a strong emotional release – almost as much as crying. Give yourself permission to laugh, even when times are tough.


7. Be grateful

There is always something to be grateful for. Whether it’s a walk around the block, the warm sunshine, the sound of rain, the colour of flowers, the friendly gesture of a stranger or the catch up call with a friend. Make a list of everything that’s great in your life, so your mind starts to focus on the positives.


8. Meditate

Through meditation, you can move yourself from a space of worry and stress to a space of peace and comfort. Not only do you become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, you boost your melatonin levels which are essential for happiness and wellbeing. Once you’re in this space, you will realize you can get through anything.

To get started, read our blog on 10 simple meditation techniques.


9. Re-energise

Dealing with difficulties is a serious drain on our energy levels. Coupled with negative thoughts and emotions, our energy becomes further depleted making it even harder to see things positively. So the vicious circle begins.


Jung Shim

At Jung Shim, our personal energy plans help to release tension, stress and worries whilst recharging the batteries. The Jung Shim method originated in South Korea more than 40 years ago and it draws on the use of traditional Eastern medicine and Qi (energy) for modern day issues. It helps us regain our connection to our original energy source so we are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.