There are always situations in life in which we have to deal with negativity. It might be caused by another person, or be the result of a situation, or our surroundings, or it maybe that for no apparent reason we just feel negative. However, not only are negative feelings a drain on our own ‘human energy’ but when you create a vibe of negativity, you’re more likely to become surrounded by it.

To break the cycle, the important thing is to first identify negative energy and then to deal with it and protect ourselves from it in the future. 


How do you know if you have negative energy in your life?

You may be affected by ‘negative energy’ if you recognise some of these signs:

1. Excessive complaining

Complaining often creates more complaining which becomes a cycle of negativity. Sometimes it is so ingrained that you don’t even notice yourself doing it. It almost becomes a habit. If you notice yourself complaining more often than usual or have trouble finding the positivity in life, that’s a sign you may need to clear out some negative energy.

2. Criticising

Criticising is very similar to complaining, but it’s what you do about other people. Whilst it might feel right at the time, it never feels good afterwards.

3. Negative relationships

If you surround yourself with people similarly negative you will self-promote negative energy. It’s almost like you feel drawn to them.

4. You blame others

You tend to blame others for what happens in your life rather than taking control of your own destiny. If you struggle to look within and take a view at what’s really going on, it may be that you have negative energy.

5. Everything feels cluttered

Clutter and disorder are a major sign of negative energy. It’s hard to remain focused when you’re surrounded by it. At Jung Shim, we help unblock clutter, both physically and mentally, to allow positive energy to flow.


How to Clear out Negative Energy

1. Start with your mind

A positive mind will overcome negativity and being more mindful is one way of achieving this.  For example, rather than assessing what we might not have, we need to look at what we have.  Meditation is also a great way to take a step back from your thoughts and free up space in your mind. Another tip is to practice being grateful as this also encourages positive feelings.


2. Create space for important things

We’re living in a busy world with an increasing number of distractions every minute of the day. However, we have to accept that we can’t control everything and there’s only so much we can do. Make sure you find time to do the things you love and with the people that make you happy. This is creating space where we allow ourselves to be happy.


3. Negative people

Sometimes, we may have no choice but to be around negative people. Whilst it can be quite draining trying to avoid their negativity, it is worth trying to keep these types of people at arms length.  

If you find a family member is negative, it is more difficult to keep them at arms length so instead, set boundaries so you do not become too weighed down with their issues. Of course, it’s important to be there for them, but the trick is to try and encourage them to take responsibility for their own happiness. Avoid their problems becoming your problems.


4. Focus on yourself

You must focus on yourself from time-to-time – even if it’s a few minutes meditation at your desk each day. If you find it difficult to prioritise yourself, why not book a Jung Shim class to help you unwind and reconnect with yourself.


5. Increase your energy levels

We can often feel negative or see things negatively when we are tired or low in energy.  Added to that, negative feelings are a drain on our ‘human energy’ levels, so it becomes a vicious circle. Look after yourself by getting rid of any energy blockages so you can tap into your own 'human energy' - Qi, and feel completely rejuvenated.  You will then be able to see things in a more positive light.


Jung Shim Chunsoo Treatments

Chunsoo treatments are energy treatments to detoxify and recharge the body whilst calming the mind. These treatments have many benefits and allow our practitioners to do an energy assessment. From their understanding they can then create a personalised energy plan to you restore your ‘human energy’ levels.

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