With the holidays looming, we take a look at how you can make the most of your holiday downtime – even if it’s just a long weekend away.

Holidays are about recharging and re-energising and sadly many of us still do not feel energised after a prolonged break. That may be because our batteries are flat and we can’t get our ‘human energy’ back to the necessary levels. However, there are certain techniques you can apply to start the re-charging process.


How to make the most of your holiday


1: Be in the now

Observe the present moment as it is and enjoy it.  Try not to let other thoughts cloud your time now.

2. Let go

Let go of judgments. Let go of anger. Let go of any bitterness and any resentment. Negative feelings are a drain on our ‘human energy’.  Don’t ignore them though; make a mental note and then let them pass.

3. Remove negativity

Assess anything that is draining your ‘human energy’. Negative people, negative experiences, negative influences need to go.

4. Refocus

It’s all too easy to say yes to new opportunities which is why many of us feel over stretched and overwhelmed. Have a think about what are your real strengths and capabilities and start saying no things that aren’t part of your plan. It’s not only empowering but its taking back control of your life without compromise.

5. Reconnect

Take time to spend time with your friends and family. That means keeping your phone firmly out of sight! If at first you feel slightly uncomfortable and find yourself searching for your phone ‘to play with’, then remind yourself that this time spent reconnecting is thoroughly needed.


Start the recharging process with a Chunsoo Treatment

You can begin your plan with a chunsoo treatment, which is an energy treatment to detoxify and recharge the body whilst calming the mind. These treatments have many benefits and allow our practitioners to do an energy assessment. From their understanding they can then create a personalised energy plan to you restore your ‘human energy’ levels.