We all have many things that we wish to achieve, whether it’s at work, fitness goals or in our personal life. Often our biggest barrier is fear of failure. However when our wish is made with pure intention, we unconsciously let ourselves go and surrender our ego which prevents us overthinking and worrying. To be able to trust this state of being allows nature to take it’s true course and we can follow our wishes with a strong a noble mind.

Below are 5 simple steps to ensuring we give ourselves the best chance to accomplish our goals:

1. Set a Goal

Our original nature is kind hearted, warm, generous, compassionate and giving. We also have an ego. The ego is very much connected to our physical body and is necessary in taking care of our needs as humans to survive. The ego seeks to fulfil personal desires where the original mind thinks of what is best for the whole. When setting a goal we need to understand whether it is coming from our ego or from our original mind.


2. Believe You Can Achieve It

Everything starts with the mind. When we truly believe we can achieve something, then we open the door for it to become possible. Belief paves the way for our goals to come into fruition and brings to us all the elements we need to accomplish them.


3. Plan Your Steps

Before the visible there is always the invisible - without the seed, there can be no tree. Creating a practical plan is essential in paving the way to achieve our intention. You can either have a mental plan or better still, write it down with deadlines to create urgency.


4. Take Action

The body must always follow the mind. Once you have a plan, the sooner you action it, the sooner you will achieve your goal. It’s one thing to have a plan and to know what to do but it’s another to actually do it. Take courage and put your plan into action!


5. Persistence and Resilience

Whatever direction we take we will always be confronted by obstacles. The most important thing is to keep our eye on the goal and not to be discouraged but to see these obstacles as tests of our determination. This is not easy but in maintaining trust and not allowing ourselves to become discouraged, we make it possible. If we make a firm decision to overcome obstacles no matter what, then we will achieve our wish.


Jung Shim

Jung Shim means ‘beautiful mind’. At our Jung Shim Centres our aim is to help people recharge the body and clear the mind to regain our health and wellbeing.

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