It is the holiday season and if you haven’t planned a break, you may need to take a quick reality check to see if you really do need a holiday. Here we have listed 5 key signs that show if you are low on energy and it’s time to down tools and escape for a few days.


1. Dread getting out of bed

It’s not unusual to have a small amount of anxiety on Sunday evenings or when you have an extended workload. That’s a normal emotion that can fuel helpful adrenaline if channelled correctly. The key here is not to feel overwhelmed and to remain clear minded by ensuring your energy levels are fully charged.

If however you dread going to work and you find yourself mentally trying to find an excuse not to get out of bed, then you need to stop, take a break and reflect. Negative thoughts are often a result of low energy. A change of environment will help you re-energise and regain positive thoughts so you can review how you feel and think about making any changes.


2. Difficulty focusing at work

If you’re finding it hard to focus at work and you feel like you have ‘fog brain’, then that could be a sign that you’re not mentally prepared to do your job at the moment. This may be accompanied by feeling anxious and overwhelmed as you struggle to process what’s required of you in an efficient way. Perhaps mistakes are creeping into your work and it’s a struggle to put right? You should consider your energy levels and taking some time off.


3. Heightened Emotions

If you find that you’re frequently overcome with emotion, whether you’re upset, irritated or frustrated, your energy reserves are low and you could benefit from even just a short break. This is a great time to leave your electronic devices at home and take a walk in nature to reconnect with yourself and everything around you.  


4. Difficulty Sleeping

An overactive mind is a frequent cause for not sleeping and is as a result of being over stimulated.  You need to rid your mind of worry and thoughts. If you haven’t considered meditation, you may want to consider joining a Jung Shim class which will help you achieve calmness and greater control. Combined with a small break will work wonders for rest and relaxation.  

Read our blog, Too stressed to sleep, for tips on meditation before bedtime.


5. General sickness

Sickness can be minimised if your human energy levels are maintained. If you are low on energy you are more susceptible to office bugs and germs, and feelings of anxiety. By taking a break, you give your body and mind a way to slow down and re-energise.


How to re-energise without taking a holiday

It would be lovely to take a holiday every time we feel low in energy however life generally isn’t like that! At Jung Shim, we can put together a personal energy plan so you can protect your energy levels, recharge and avoid reaching the flat battery stage ever again.

The Jung Shim method originated in South Korea more than 40 years ago and it draws on the use of traditional Eastern medicine and Qi (energy) for modern day issues.

The practice helps release energy blockages, unnecessary thoughts and worries by regaining our connection to our original energy source. In a very busy world where stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue are commonplace.