With the Christmas celebrations over, we may be feeling a little bloated, tired and in need of some freshening up. This is normal and many of us will be looking towards January to start with a detox to help us feel cleansed and healthy.

At Jung Shim we understand that our energy levels can be affected by the lifestyle we lead, our physical environment and emotional patterns.

Every year there is a new detox fad so it is difficult to know which to choose and which to believe. Like anything, there are pros and cons which we've detailed below along with some proven ways of how to feel great and re-energise as part of an ongoing routine.


The Pros of Detoxing:

  • Improving kidney and liver function
  • Increasing energy and sense of vitality
  • Revitalising mind and spirit
  • Jump-starting weight-loss program or new diet
  • Improving immune system
  • Cutting out bad eating habits


The Cons of Detoxing:

Like any drastic change, detoxing comes along with some potential risks. Beware of these potential cons from your cleansing diet:

  • A sudden change in your diet, like the consumption of fiber-heavy fruit, can lead to bloating, gas and diarrhea as your body adjusts.
  • Detoxes and cleanses are not intended for long-term weight loss, but rather a short, jump-start to healthy eating and exercising habits.
  • Detoxes are not proven to rid the body of toxins better than your body’s own natural mechanisms


Here at Jung Shim, we believe that wellbeing is part of our daily life and not a fad that we attempt once a year.


5 Ways to Help Feel More Energised 

1. Dry January

Although taking a “dry January” is now a regular fixture for many people that enjoy a drink. Studies have shown that abstaining from alcohol for a month can show as much as a 15% reduction in liver fat – a cause of liver disease – as well as reduced cholesterol and blood glucose. However, a dry January can’t make up for 11 months of excess but abstaining for the first month could end up curbing alcohol intake later in the year. So even if a few weeks’ abstinence doesn’t heal your liver immediately, it should set you up for a healthier year.

Try this refreshing green juice to cleanse the system.


2. The Superfood

From dandelion tea to blueberries and algae. Such superfoods are claimed to flush out damaging chemicals in the body, leaving you with better skin, better hair and a trimmer waist. In reality, scientific studies have yet to show convincingly that any of these detox diets can remove pollutants in the human body. If you are looking to lose weight and live a longer and healthier life, a balanced and moderate diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and unprocessed carbohydrates is still the safest option.

This green revival smoothie is packed with nutrients and is a great start to your day.


3. Fitness

Weight training doesn’t need to be purely for the gym enthusiast, it should be part of everyone’s exercise routine. Healthier muscle tissue can help reduce problems like insulin resistance that lead to diabetes and heart disease. Strength training is proven to lower blood pressure, and it is thought to be particularly beneficial to the elderly, who lose muscle mass more rapidly. Mixing aerobic and resistance training is now considered the most efficient way to control your weight and protect your heart.


4. Nobody’s Perfect

Although we start out with good intentions, as few as 8% of people meet the goals they set on the first of January. Ambitious goals cannot be achieved and we judge ourselves too harshly when we fail to meet those impossibly high standards. Guilt can impact our behaviour and lead to further temptation and scupper our broader goals, while enjoying the occasional indulgence can help recharge your self-control. So don’t be too hard on yourself and leave a little room for bad as well as good.


5. Jung Shim Energy Class

If you are feeling sluggish, why not take part in a Jung Shim Energy class.

Energy classes are a key part of the Jung Shim programme. They teach you how to tap into your own ‘human energy’ source – Qi and learn how to renew it in a sustainable way.

Comprising of chanting, energy movements and meditation, the classes are based on South Korean principles to harness ‘human energy’ and to regain a goodhearted, generous and compassionate state of being. Classes take place in a unique room called the Saemtu which is a peaceful space, full of Qi energy. 

The classes support physical energy, emotional wellbeing and spiritual development.



About Jung Shim

Jung Shim means ‘beautiful mind’. At our Jung Shim Centres our aim is to help people recharge the body and clear the mind to regain our health and wellbeing.
We offer energy treatments, energy classes as well as lifestyle advice all designed to help recharge you human energy.