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Understanding how the seasons affect our energy (Qi)


The mornings are lighter, the days are becoming longer and the vitality of Spring is all around us. The seasonal change is not just reflected in daylight hours, it brings with it many things; from Find out more

How to deal with the menopause


Early this week, we celebrated International Women’s Day so we want to focus on a natural process that often starts for women in their 40s and causes some discomfort. However, Jung Shim can help. Let Find out more

What is mindfulness?


Over the last year, mindfulness has become a popular word - everything seems to be about being mindful. What exactly is mindfulness and why is it important? Mindfulness is something we all Find out more

What is Energy Healing?


What is Energy Healing? Energy Healing is an ancient technique that opens the energy channels in our body to regain balance and support our body’s healing abilities. In simple terms, it releases Find out more