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What is Qi

More than energy

In the East, people understand that there is an invisible power or force that creates all life. This is called Qi, which translates as energy. However Qi is not just energy but the original state of all things, the origin of the universe.

Natural Energy

Our life is created by Qi but supported by nature’s energy which can be described as our battery and fuel. Qi, the human battery, determines our lifespan and is the original energy we receive at conception. It supports our organs and cells and is responsible for the functioning of our body. Nature’s energy however, can be compared to the fuel we put in a car i.e. we absorb nature’s energy from food, water, air and sunlight.

These days many people are short of energy. Despite a healthy diet and sufficient exercise and rest, we still feel tired, this is because we have depleted our reserves of Qi and our battery has become flat. When we are short of Qi, taking more rest or improving the quality of our food and trying to lead a healthier life, will not necessarily give us more energy or resolve our health issues.

Energy Channels

The human body has a network of energy channels (meridians) that carry Qi throughout the body. From an eastern point of view, there are two main causes of ill health:

  • A shortage of Qi
  • Energy blockages


When we are short of Qi our body does not have the energy it needs to function effectively, causing stress, fatigue and pain. In addition, a shortage of Qi affects our emotions which drain energy and create energy blockages.

Energy Blockages

There are three main causes of energy blockages:

  1. Physical – These include blockages caused by toxins in food, environmental pollution and other chemicals.
  2. Emotional – These come from negative, strong or repeated emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety and depression.
  3. Spiritual – These are caused by inherited energy patterns passed down through the generations.


The Jung Shim Method

Through classes and treatments, the Jung Shim method rediscovers Qi energy to help people re-energise.

See our Treatments and Jung Shim Classes  and Ancestor Healing workshops we offer.