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What is Qi

Ancient people believed in an invisible power or force that creates all life. They called it Qi (also known as Chi; Prana, which translates as energy). Qi is the source of all life and the origin of the universe. It is the energy that creates and supports human life.

Free flowing and abundant Qi within us is our human energy and the foundation of a healthy body and mind. When we are healthy, we are happy and radiate beauty; We have compassion and love for others and the ability to give and nurture those around us. 

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Natural Energy

Whilst human life is created by Qi, we receive nature’s energy daily, which can be compared to a car battery and fuel.

Qi, ‘our human energy’, is the original energy we receive. It supports our organs and cells and is responsible for our physical functions and for the connection between our body, mind and spirit. Nature’s energy can be compared to the fuel we put in a car and we absorb this energy from food, water, air and sunlight.

Modern life, however, has resulted in the pollution of our natural environment. Global conflict and fear increasingly take the place of compassion and love and we face the growing problem of declining wellbeing. The connection we once had with each other and the source of life, Qi, is being eroded.

People are increasingly short of energy, suffering from burnout, fatigue, depression and disconnection. Even those that try to have a healthy diet and sufficient exercise and rest, can still feel tired. We have depleted our ‘human energy’ and our batteries are flat. When we are short of Qi, taking more rest or improving the quality of our diet, will not necessarily give us more energy or resolve our health concerns.

By regaining our connection and learning to harness the power of our own human energy, we are able to regain our physical health and emotional well-being.

Energy Channels

The human body has a network of energy channels (meridians) that carry Qi throughout the body. In Eastern modalities, there are two main causes of ill health:

When we are short of Qi our body does not have the energy it needs to function effectively, causing stress, fatigue and pain. In addition, a shortage of Qi affects our emotions which drain energy and create energy blockages.

Energy Blockages

There are three main causes of energy blockages:

1. Physical

These include blockages caused by dietary patterns, environmental pollution and other chemicals.

2. Emotional

These come from negative and/or strong or repeated emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety and sadness.

3. Inherited

These are caused by physical and emotional energy patterns passed down through the generations of the family.

The Energy Programme

The Jung Shim energy programme comprises of a personalised combination of classes, treatments, energy clearing and coaching based on the specific needs of the individual.

Energy classes

Learn to harness your ‘human energy’ to recharge the body and calm the mind.

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Energy Treatments

Regain physical and emotional wellbeing through acupressure based energy treatments

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Energy clearing

Resolve inherited energy patterns for physical and emotional wellbeing through ancestor healing. Re-energise home and work spaces through energy clearing techniques

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Energy Coaching

Receive personalised energy and lifestyle coaching from our specially trained energy practitioners

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Key Benefits





Release tension and pain

Relieve anxiety and depression


"I have a lot more energy and motivation and feel really positive about the future. I wish everyone could experience this. It has changed my life."

The Origin

The Jung Shim programme originated in South Korea more than 30 years ago and draws on ancient teachings from a time when people were connected to the original source of life, Qi.

Cheonmonim, the founder of the techniques endured many years of ascetic training in the Korean mountains. Her training involved extreme hardship consisting of fasting, meditation and prayer often in temperatures as cold as -30degrees. She spent many years cultivating body, mind and spirit which gave her great wisdom and a deep understanding of humanity. She developed the ability to receive and transmit Qi energy directly from the source, going on to develop the techniques we use today.

Jung Shim was founded by Master Oh, an energy master of 30 years. A master of great, wisdom, energy and insight, he learnt directly from Cheonmonim and brought the Jung Shim energy programme to the Western world. He trained many practitioners and still lectures and treats all over the world today. He has opened Jung Shim centres across Europe and Australia.