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Habitat healing

House clearing

Having good energy in our home is essential for health and harmony. It is the place where we rest, invite our friends and is the base from where we live our lives.

Buildings contain their own history as many people have lived and died in them. A person may no longer be physically in a building but, as energy never dies, their energetic influence remains. This is held within a place and can often be the cause of negative emotions, ill health and disharmony.

The Ka Shin Je Ceremony (house clearing) can take place in your home or at a centre. Our practitioners are trained to clear negative energy in the home, similar to the Family Wellness courses specific chants are used to re-energise the house with Qi, creating a clear, bright and peaceful environment.

Many people have experienced immediate changes in themselves and their home, feeling a sense of calm and lightness, as well as improved relationships between family members.

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Business clearing

The energy in the workplace can determine the success or failure of the business, as well as the harmony between employees.

All buildings contain their own history as a result of the energetic vibration contained within them and the land they are built on. Heavy or negative energy in a building can often impair the growth of a business and affect employee health and harmony, despite every effort made to improve it.

Our practitioners can clear negative energy in offices and other workspaces, with a Ka Shin Je ceremony in which they use special chants to re-energise the worksplace with Qi. This energy transforms the environment, creating a solid foundation from which a business can grow.

Clients have commented on changes in different areas, ranging from improved concentration levels, more effective decision making and increased productivity. Employees, themselves, have noticed better relationships amongst each other, as well as a more uplifting and positive environment to work in.

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