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The Importance of Speaking Positively

“Words are free, it’s how you use them that can cost you”  Kushand Wizdom   We are reflecting today on how powerful and important our words are.  We are going to do this in the co... Continue

Tabouleh (gluten and dairy free)

Level | medium INGREDIENTS 250g quinoa 2 packs of flat leaf parsley 1 pack of fresh coriander 1 pack of fresh mint - leaves picked off the stem 2 tomatoes -... Continue

5 tips to kick start your healthy morning routine

Whilst it’s not always easy to achieve, it is better not to rush in the morning as it can have a lasting effect on your mood and energy for the rest of the day. At Jung Shim, practitioners give e... Continue

How our thoughts can impact our physical self

In our recent blog on depression and back ache we referred to a study which showed that for some people, depression may actually trigger back pain, as opposed to an injury being the cause.  We al... Continue