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Key factors that raise blood pressure

With around one in three adults in the UK having high blood pressure, and half of those going undiagnosed or receiving treatment, we look at the causes of high blood pressure and how we can impro... Continue

Freeing up an overloaded mind

January 2018 Happy New Year to everybody. Every new year presents an opportunity to do an early personal spring clean and re-set your goals and wishes.   Our first January blog looks a... Continue

Understanding how the seasons affect our energy (Qi)

The mornings are lighter, the days are becoming longer and the vitality of Spring is all around us. The seasonal change is not just reflected in daylight hours, it brings with it many things; from cha... Continue

How to deal with the menopause

Early this week, we celebrated International Women’s Day so we want to focus on a natural process that often starts for women in their 40s and causes some discomfort. However, Jung Shim can help. Let’... Continue